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Welcome to New York Drone Law

This blog is intended for anyone interested in drones, including business owners, recreational users, operators, manufacturers, legislators, privacy advocates, insurers and lawyers.  Our objective is to track and discuss developments in the exciting and emerging field of drone law.*

I cannot imagine a more interesting time to be involved with drones.  New York City presents endless drone opportunities for business owners, the media, government agencies, just to name a few.  There are also many hobbyists looking for safe and legal places to fly.  Given this excitement, a healthy debate has already commenced within New York City government about how to properly regulate drones.  Beyond New York City, however, there are other important laws that regulate drones.  Specifically, federal law and state law play critical roles in establishing the “rules of flight.”  As such, this site will also focus on legal developments at the federal and state levels and attempt to show how they interact with New York City drone law.

Ultimately, I are most concerned with providing accessible and accurate information about drone law to anyone interested in the field.  I hope you enjoy your visit.

*  The information posted on this blog is not legal advice.